According to the , we welcome you to CYTTER.web, the digital headquarters of CYTTER.datalab!

CYTTER.datalab is a laboratory where humans, machines and algorithms work on digital translations of physical objects. Visitors to the datalab can participate in the translation process by handing in a physical object and exchanging it for its new, digitally modified version.

On this website, we invite you to get an overview of the CYTTER system via an interactive diagram, browse our archive of translation processes and live streams, read articles by experts from various disciplines, and participate in ongoing installations from anywhere in the world.

The CYTTER.datalab is currently inactive. Please visit the site during an active datalab installation to participate in the translation process.


The CYTTER.datalab system is the foundation of all translations. It consists of a network of different components that handle the , and of physical and digital . Browse our interactive to explore current components and their various connections to each other in the CYTTER network. Click on the individual nodes for more information.


Here we document all translation processes of newly received and already translated sorted by their respective .


The CYTTER Discourse contains contributions from experts in various fields that focus on the historical, social, political, philosophical and technological context.


Here you can find recordings of past livestreams and OpenLab events.

  • CYTTER.datalab wl-87 OpenLab

  • CYTTER.datalab wl-87 (translation session 5)

  • CYTTER.datalab wl-87 (translation session 4)

  • CYTTER.datalab wl-87 (translation session 3)

  • CYTTER.datalab wl-87 (translation session 2)

  • CYTTER.datalab wl-87 (translation session 1)

  • CYTTER.datalab kl-19 OpenLab / Q&A